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Italian product sold is fake


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The value of fake “made in Italy” produce
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Solutions & Benefits


Thanks to our Blockchain-based framework, all product information is recorded in a manner that cannot be edited or faked.


Increase transparency and communication between actors of the supply-chain through personalised smart contracts to guarantee the quality of a process or of a product.

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Building Trust

Thanks to Enismaro you can trust what you are eating.

How does it work?

Enismaro network

  • Import/Export

    Better access to the global market and a faster and more efficient way of communicating with other actors.
  • Enismaro - Retailers


    Improve the image of your business thanks to quality assurance and proof of origin.
  • Enismaro - Food Producers

    Food Producers

    Achieve transparency of the production process to create story to share with your customers.
  • Enismaro - Transport


    Track in real time the quality conditions of the product during its transportation.
  • Enismaro - Farmers


    A simple and automated way to keep track of the farm activities, all day, every day.
  • Enismaro - Certification Organisms


    Availability of transparent information, lower costs of controls, and a more efficient regulatory process.

Enismaro network

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