Carbon Neutrality

Discover how the traceability process supports reduction of Carbon emissions

Enismaro and Up2you are collaborating to reduce carbon emission.

Calculate CO2 emissions neutralised for each product

Highlight CO2 emissions neutralised for shipping the product

Communicate all environmental and sustainability results obtained by your company

Up2you is one of the leading companies in the area of sustainability and strives to foster the spread of an ecosystem that preserves the environment and promotes useful strategies to encourage more sustainable practices.

We have pooled our expertise  to provide an integrated service. Thanks to Enismaro’s tools for tracking and farm management, it is possible to know the total emissions of a food product and thus be able to take more sustainable actions, even in the choice of food.

An integrated process


Determination of the Company's Carbon footprint

IOT Management System


Neutralisation of emissions and CO2 Reduction

Farm Management Tools



The QR-CODE will be integrated with these info:

Total Emission of the shipment

Emission of the company

Integrate carbon credits and support missions on U2y

Added Values

Communicate to your consumers

  • More and more consumers are willing to pay more for a sustainable product. More and more companies are choosing partners and suppliers based on sustainability requirements.

Anticipate change

  • Climate change is the global challenge of the coming years: taking action today means anticipating regulatory change the market trends.

Generates Involvement

  • Of multiple actors (suppliers, customers) and partnerships along the carbon neutrality thread.