Cold Chain Monitoring

Ensure safety for fresh food

Cold Chain monitoring is a solution that enables optimal food delivery along a temperature-controlled supply chain (a cold chain).


Preservation of perishable foods

Food recall due to spoiled or damaged products purchased

Adequate temperature monitoring during transport

IOT Temperature Management

Enismaro offers a solution for temperature monitoring for any type of product. Perishable food is particularly susceptible to temperature change. IOT temperature sensors allow monitoring of each batch with a view to ensuring the products arrive in optimal conditions.

Real-Time Cold Chain Data

In the IOT cold supply chain, temperatures can be managed with high accuracy and in real-time. Enismaro’s platform allows users to generate alerts for drivers and other stakeholders if any issue arises. Automatic temperature alerts notify drivers in real-time of temperature deviations so swift action can be taken.

One Ecosystem Across Your Cold Chain

Enismaro allows you to track in real time temperatures across all stages of your supply chain process, supporting a proactive approach in food safety management. Users can immediately identify batches that have encountered issues throughout the food journey.