Farm Management

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You will have a digital map of your field that will allow you to monitor numerous processes

This section allows you to record on the Enismaro platform a series of information and events, such as the location of the harvesting area, the presence of animals or crops, the infrastructure or equipment used for the various processes; events such as sowing, harvesting, use of fertilizers. You will be able to digitally compile the farm notebook, thus facilitating the fulfillment of regulatory obligations on the activities carried out in the countryside.

Farm Management Functionalities

Discover all the features of Farm Management

Farm Management

Manage the Digital Map of your field

Manage the Digital Map of your field with the Farm Map function you will visualize a map in "Google Maps" style on the basis of the geographical indications inserted for your farm.

Farm Management

Add fields and paddocks

Through the map you will be able to locate the boundaries of your field, add any recitations, indicate the presence of livestock or define fields for cultivation.

Farm Management

Livestock list

You will be able to digitize the list of livestock by associating different information (e.g. breed, origin, age, number of animals in the group) in this way it will be easier to keep it updated and keep track of it.

Farm Management

Manage Actions

You will be able to record all the activities that are carried out at your farm, such as a treatment reserved for an animal, the insertion of a fertilizer or pesticide, or any other activity that needs to be recorded.

Farm Management

View Reports

You will have the possibility to create and view multiple reports, such as the movement of livestock, the sowing register, the production costs per animal, the production costs per land, the sales register.

Farm Management

Connect sensors to your field

You will be able to connect one or more IOT sensors to your fields and verify the best periods for seeding, harvesting, treatment of particular plantations. All of this will be optimized through a link to weather apps to predict the optimal weather conditions for each of these activities.