Food Tech e filiera alimentare 5 aziende innovative da conoscere

Food Tech e filiera alimentare 5 aziende innovative da conoscere

The history and traceability of an agri-food product are not always certain, an aspect that has led to the creation of phenomena such as italy sounding. However, new technologies are providing increasingly sophisticated tools to track and certify the authenticity of products

Startup Food Tech, innovation for the agri-food supply chain

Knowing all the steps in the process of events that the food undergoes, starting from the production and collection phase of the raw material up to consumption by the user, is an aspect that is acquiring more and more importance. Just think of the phenomenon of Italy sounding , which produces over 100 billion euros per year for the agri-food sector, more than double the export turnover of authentic products. To overcome problems like this, various creative realities have been created, which exploit new technologies to provide simple but effective tools to consumers and companies to easily understand the path and history of a product. The main mechanism they exploit is that of the blockchain: literally means “chain of blocks” and is a register containing shared information, visible to all and validated with precise security rules, which can only be modified with the consent of all participants and with cross-validation mechanisms. Here are five innovative projects that are revolutionizing the agri-food supply chain.


Enismaro is a platform that allows you to represent, update and consult the history of the main properties of an agri-food product. It is a supply chain solution that aims to guarantee, in an objective, univocal and transparent manner, that the quality characteristics of food and wine products are respected throughout the entire production chain. The solution, enhanced by two technological components, an IoT sensor framework – i.e. devices capable of collecting and sending a large amount of data online in real time – and a Blockchain framework, allows us to trace the place of origin of the product in every single phase of the supply chain and to transparently identify its status during the various phases of the process.


Foodchain has created a platform, based on blockchain technology, which allows food materials and products to be traced along the entire production chain, making the information accessible and shareable via web or mobile to anyone who intends to consult it, in a completely open way or with specific limitations for only identified users. A unique code is created associated with the producer’s account to be applied to the good that is intended to be tracked: all the data that the company intends to disclose in various forms (videos, images, certifications) are inserted in the code and the data is entered into the system becoming usable in a transparent and unalterable way forever.


Thuidi, working with outlets and distribution centers of SMEs and large companies in the food sector, optimizes distribution thanks to artificial intelligence. It aims to make the product purchasing process more efficient through a proactive system that suggests, even before the operator queries the system, the activities to be carried out to minimize inefficiencies, such as shelf holes, warehouse costs and food waste . Artificial intelligence optimizes stock management through a supply chain that is responsive to market changes, allowing us to avoid waste in internal warehouse operations. Automate business processes on a single platform through a series of operations:

Genuine Way

Genuine Wayhas developed a blockchain technology designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to enhance the history of their made in Italy products. It is a software company that creates solutions for the digitalization of physical products, through the use of smart labels and connectivity tools. The mission is to promote conscious consumption through technology, highlighting companies that produce in a sustainable way from an environmental and social point of view and respectful of tradition. Therefore a meeting point between brands and consumers, towards the former Genuine Way offers itself in the double role of supplier and technological consultant and towards the latter as a portal thanks to which they can achieve greater awareness of what they are purchasing. Genuine Way also developed ITEMx®,


Tziboo is an innovative digital platform that allows Italian food producers to quickly and effectively manage and digitize their product catalogue, significantly increasing sales opportunities. Through a fully automated API connection system, once the catalog has been uploaded, the company will be able to sell its products online on the major marketplaces in the world, managing costs and promotions in complete autonomy. Tziboo provides all the tools to face a technological revolution to all producers, especially those less accustomed to the use of digital. They are tools that increase traceability: the platform acts as a mediator between companies and the large global marketplaces and guarantees the origin of the products.

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Food Tech e filiera alimentare 5 aziende innovative da conoscere

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Food Tech e filiera alimentare 5 aziende innovative da conoscere

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