Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enismaro?

Enismaro is the technology provider that allows you and your business to track each single step of the production process. We are able to install IoT sensors at your production place and to onboard your products into the Blockchain framework, to let every piece of information being trusted and un-modifiable. Furthermore, you and your customers can access the Enismaro app to verify the history and the chain of the Enismaro products

How does the Enismaro technology work?

Are some photos and a QR code enough to unequivocally track the production chain?
No, it is not enough. Enismaro is developing an integrated system to incorporate, through an algorithm based on Blockchain technology, multiple attributes and product elements. In this way, the algorithm will produce a “ranking” chart for each product, whose data reliability would be guaranteed through the Blockchain technology.

How many sensor types does Enismaro have?

Enismaro provides 9 different types of IoT sensors:

• Temperature Sensor Node
• Pressure Sensor Node
• Illuminance Control Node
• Wind speed, Air Control Node
• CO2, Pressure Control Node
• Pollution Control Node
• Moisture Water Control Node
• Smoke, Fire Control Node
• PH Control Node

Do i need to know how to use Blockchain?

No, Enismaro team will be totally in charge to implement the technology and onboard your production process onto the Blockchain platform

What if i need support?

Enismaro Team is at your complete support. Just drop an e-mail to and we will come back to you!

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