IOT Management

Innovation at the farmers’ disposal

Manage your IOT sensors

Enismaro transposes the data that is collected at production sites by IOT sensors and makes it available to the user.

By installing devices in your fields you can collect all the data you need and transfer it to the Enismaro platform. For example, you will be able to monitor soil temperature, air temperature, and humidity, which will help you predict harvest time, improve plant health, plan irrigation schedules, and prepare in advance for frost or heat events.

You’ll be able to customize the use of the devices by setting rules: establish conditions that the devices must meet.

IOT Management Functionalities

Find out what you can do with sensors once you add them to the platform

Set Alarms

You can set up alarms, decide to receive notifications when a certain condition occurs.

Set Rules

You will be able to establish the type of information the devices should collect (e.g. temperature, humidity) and set an activation period: weekly, monthly, single day.

Create And Read Reports

Reports will allow you to have an easy and efficient reading of your company in real time. In this way you will be able to make accurate analysis on your working fields.

Manage Actions

You will manage the devices in the platform: you can profile target values or dimensional units (equal to, greater than, less than).

Schedule Activities

You can schedule device activities according to your needs.

Information Overview

You will have a graphical representation of the information collected from the associated devices.