Enismaro Process

Empowered solution tracking by combining Blockchain and IoT technology

Transaction record

The producer records the event related to the food chain

Enismaro process

The transaction is recorded and processed in the Enismaro algorithm

Retailer process

Any new event related to the production chain is stored


Final consumer can easily verify the source of the Enismaro product

One-click import to register your event.

Enismaro is developing an integrated (patented and copyrighted) system to incorporate, through an algorithm (strategically owned by Enismaro), based on Blockchain technology, multiple attributes and product elements. In this way, the algorithm will produce a “ranking” chart for each product, whose data reliability would be guaranteed through the Blockchain technology.

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Single transaction registration

The Enismaro technology allows to simply register your transaction related to an event of the food production chain into the blockchain system with one single click on your phone

Blockchain technology
Information processed in the Blockchain

Each transaction is stored in the Blockchain framework and visibile as an un-modifiable trustworthy event on the single food component production chain

Final product guaranteed
Final product guaranteed

Enjoy the products on your table guaranteed by the Enismaro certification technology!

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