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IoT implementation

Based on the assessment by Enismaro, for each type of product in scope, we will implement the best technology to follow and guarantee the end-to-end tracking

Blockchain integration

On-boarding of the product tracking process into the Blockchain framework, to store each node-event into a trusted environment


Thanks to the Enismaro app, both consumer and producer can track the history of the production process and verify each single step of the product lifecycle

Join the Enismaro framework

Enismaro provides you with the following functionalities to lead your products to quality excellence


We will assess your production chain and onboard your products into Enismaro

food tracking

Development of “smart contracts” to track the end-to-end chain of your products

food provenance

In the Enismaro platform you can follow the source and provenance of your products

Final product guaranteed
Customers satisfaction

Through the Enismaro app, your customers can verify the source information of what they are eating!

Blockchain technology

Enismaro supports your business to be integrated in the Blockchain framework and to certify the information of your products in a guaranteed certification system

IoT integration

The added value of Enismaro is the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, which can provide additional information about the history of your products

Enismaro app

Each consumer can have a look at Enismaro app and, by scanning the QR code printed on the product’s label, verify the provenance of the whole end-to-end production chain

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