Increasing supply chain transparency in pasta manufacturing

The Company

This well-known pasta manufacturer in the Campania region in Italy decided to make their product events (from cultivation to production) more transparent to their customers.

They chose Enismaro to track these processes for all pasta formats they produced.

Enismaro - Wineyards - Importance of IOT for a proactive approach

The Challenge

For manufacturers, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the numerous processes that have to be managed on a farm and communicate their product quality to customers at the same time.

Besides having to adhere to strict quality standards, they’re also competing for consumer attention against other brands.

The Solution

The producer used the Enismaro farm management suite to record data regarding crop activities, digitize the treatment log, make analysis reports, and get treatment recommendations.

  • Digitization:
  • Treatment registry
  • Pesticide database
  • Field management:
  • Analysis Report
  • Treatment Advice
  • Engagement:
  • Involvement of multiple actors (multi-company)
  • Complete supply chain traceability

Then, using the collected traceability data, Enismaro created ‘Digital Twins’ of products, applying blockchain to the production events and encrypting all this information into a QR code.

The factory also found a new use for the QR code in their B2B sales process. The ability to scan the code for real-time information during sales negotiations allowed buyers to immediately verify the accuracy and transparency of the supply chain, increasing their confidence in the product.


  • Better farm management and increased efficiency and control across all operations;
  • Simplified management of the treatment registry and other regulatory certifications;
  • Ensured high quality standards and simplified bureaucratic constraints;
  • Strengthened commercial network;
  • Increased consumer trust.


This vineyard needed a way to measure and protect the quality of their olive oil by controlling factors such as:

Soil Moisture








Chlorophyll type A & B




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