Quality certificates

Quality certificates

Enismaro and Studio David Scaffaro work together to provide you with an integrated quality certification service.

Documental Compliance

Highest simplification and assistance in the certification process

Communication of your highest standards achieved directly to your consumers.

Studio David Scaffaro is a leading company in consulting and implementation of management systems in accordance with ISO and extra-ISO standards.

An integrated approach

We offer our clients an integrated approach for each specific certification needs.
Enismaro and Studio David Scaffaro have worked together to offer a comprehensive and unique approach, which combines regulatory knowledge and the latest technological innovation.

Some of the certifications you can apply for your company, among others


CSR is an attestation that determines an organisation’s sustainability rating, based on a series of algorithms. It evaluates various aspects inherent to sustainability, such as products, services, workplace characteristics and legislative compliance.
In manufacturing companies, the four areas of sustainability on which the company can place a focus are:

  • Products
  • Workplaces
  • Services
  • Ethical and
  • Legislative Aspects

Through Enismaro’s innovative collection of data points, data acquisition for certification becomes even more agile and faster.
Enismaro’s framework of IoT sensors, and the certified record on Blockchain, are enabling automatic logging of events which is essential for the certification compliance, leaving no room for doubt and avoiding manual input of information.


Equalitas – Sustainable Wine – is a certifiable standard on wine sustainability.
Equalitas meets the industry’s need to have a shared, objective scheme that can be certified by a third party.
Thanks to Enismaro’s tools for tracking and Farm Management integrated in our innovative software, the compliance certification is even easier to reach.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard, applicable to any type of public or private organisation, which specifies the requirements for an environmental management system.

Becoming compliant requires:
An environmental analysis (emissions, resource use etc.) and assessing the significance of impacts.
Defining a company Policy and specific responsibilities for environmental matters.

Thanks to Enismaro’s framework of IoT sensors, integrated with our latest Blockchain technology, it is possible to know the exact total emissions of a food product.
Your company can thus apply to the certification, automatically checking if the specifics required are met, without additional expenditure of time, resources and energy.