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Visual storytelling with Enismaro

Brand transparency

Branding doesn’t start and end with a label. Every product has a unique journey that starts from the processing of raw materials and follows through production, packaging, labelling, and delivery. Enismaro helps you tell your customers the complete story of your food products from origin to sale.

Brand trust

Consumers today are more environmentally responsible and demanding than ever. With Enismaro you can provide accurate, transparent, and easy to access product information that will reinforce trust in your brand and empower customers to make better informed buying decisions.

Brand loyalty

In the food industry, negative events such as recalls pose a significant threat to the customer-brand relationship. The Enismaro food traceability platform helps you protect product quality throughout the supply chain to keep customers coming back to your brand.


Corporate mission

Food chain transparency allows customers to get to know your brand beyond your product offerings. Help customers connect with your corporate values, mission, and history.


Tap into new communication strategies by enabling consumers to view product journey information through text, image, and video.

Ease of use

Take customers on a journey to the origin of your products with nothing more than a smartphone. With Enismaro, embed product traceability information in QR codes that can easily be added to your product label.

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