For distributors

Transform food shipment tracking with real-time intelligence.

How Enismaro can help you

Maintain product quality

Monitor transportation conditions such as temperature or humidity to ensure quality standards are met at all times during shipping.

Optimize quality control

Reduce quality checks on arrival thanks to transparent, immutable data collected during transportation.

Increase product acceptance

Minimize the risk of product rejection with transparent access to transport conditions.


Intelligent tracking

Enismaro uses advanced IoT and Blockchain technology to help create and maintain optimal transportation conditions for any class of food products. Our platform makes it easy to define and monitor shipment requirements from temperature to air humidity or light.

Enismaro enables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers to achieve real-time visibility into shipment location and conditions in order to reduce delays, eliminate inefficiencies, and maintain product quality standards.

With commercial agreements registered as smart contracts on the Blockchain, participants in the supply chain can automate contract enforcement and dispute resolution.

Special applications

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