For farmers

Enhanced decision-making for higher productivity.

Enismaro Farm Management

Farm administration

Maintain an accurate record of all your farm activities, from animal treatments to fertilizer insertion or pesticide use, while you focus on the bigger picture.

Production optimization

Using data from your IOT sensors, Enismaro helps optimize sowing, treatment, and harvesting of your crops. Real-time weather monitoring enables you to plan ahead and avoid yield loss.

Farm analytics

Monitor your farm performance and avoid inefficiencies with detailed reports regarding your crops, livestock, production costs, sales, and more.


Create digital field maps

Digital field maps let you visualize your field anytime, anywhere you are. Enismaro’s Farm Map function enables you to easily define your field areas using geographic coordinates.

Add fields and paddocks

With Enismaro, you can automate fieldwork such as defining field boundaries, field inspections, recording the presence of livestock, or defining fields for cultivation.

Livestock management

Our platform enables you to create and manage livestock lists (by breed, origin, age, number of animals in the group, etc) that you can easily track and update.

Auditing and regulatory compliance

Traditional auditing processes often involve extensive paperwork and manual verification.
Thanks to Enismaro, you can access a comprehensive and secure database of information, reducing the time and effort required for audits.

With Enismaro, you can now start to reap the benefits of digital farm management.

Ready to make hay while the sun shines?