For manufacturers

The key to food quality assurance in your hands.

Enismaro can help you

Maintain quality standards

Our platform helps you meet and maintain high quality standards from ingredients to the final product.

Comply with regulations

Enismaro makes it easy to trace supplier information so you can stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Prevent product recalls

Ensure consumer safety at all times and avoid the damaging business impact of potential product recalls.


Track ingredients and raw materials

Our IoT sensor integration allows you to associate data collected from IoT sensors on a farm or field to a finished product.

Record product transformation

Define relationships between products such as transformation or bundling in order to record with maximum accuracy every step of the product creation.

Smart contracts

Use smart conditions and smart contracts to enforce business terms such as temperature during shipping or delivery time. Any violation of set terms is automatically recorded in the blockchain.

Ready to elevate your food production process?