Reach the next level of food quality and safety

Negative food events can have an unexpected knock-on effect throughout the supply chain. Protect your brand from disruptions and reputational risks.

Track, trace, and build trust with Enismaro

Avoid product recall

Steer clear of costly product recalls resulting from food contamination, mishandling, or fraud with an accurate record of product origin and authenticity.

Reduce waste

Take your sustainability strategy forward by reducing resource and product waste in the production process.

Safeguard your reputation

Avoid the risk of reputational damage with transparent, verifiable information from all your suppliers.


IoT traceability

Product contamination prevention during harvesting, production, and shipping by monitoring product and environment data from IoT sensors in real time.

Smart contracts

Simplify supplier management with smart Blockchain contracts. Use quality, safety, or logistical information to trigger contract execution and automate incident resolution.

Real-time shipping monitoring

Leverage unique batch or product IDs to keep track of each product and related events across the entire production chain.

Brand transparency

Use simple QR code technology to help customers gain trust in your products as soon as they pick them off the shelf.

Want to unlock supply chain transparency?