The food traceability system guaranteed by Enismaro allows you to trace your products throughout their life cycle, with the security provided by Blockchain technology.

1. Farm

Tell the story of your product from start to finish: by installing IOT sensors in your field, you can collect all the data you need and transfer it to the platform.

2. Raw Material Processing

Become an active player in the supply chain: the processing of the raw material and the creation of the production batch will be transparently traced and linked to information recorded by the sensors.

3. Packaging

The ready-to-pack product will be accompanied by a series of data, such as basic information: product name, type, quantity, weight and processing information: creation date, expiry date, place of manufacture, purchase invoice number.

4. Create A Shipment

Through the Enismaro platform you will be able to create a shipment in which you select the products to be delivered and set your own conditions for the dispatch: for example, you can decide that the temperature sensor attached to the shipment should not exceed 4° during the time period set for the transport.

5. Retail

At each step between producer, distributor and retailer, information on the status of products is guaranteed thanks to Blockchain technology. Food traceability on a smartphone: customers can scan the QR-Code on the product label and view the history of the product at all stages.