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Our Vision

Our story comes from our little town in the south of Italy. There we have a small field where we produce olive oil for our family. And every time we tasted our oil, we were aware of all the processes -from the harvest of the single olive to the final liquid gold on our table – sure of the quality and the authenticity of each step of the product chain.

But we were also aware of the fact that this certainty cannot be applied for all the food that we buy and we taste in our daily life.

This led us to ask ourselves a fundamental question: 

Do we really know what we are eating?

And this is where our journey starts.

In the modern world, the professionalization and globalization of food production have made supply chains more complex and more opaque. We no longer see how our food is produced, handled, or where it originated.

Those big complexities are accompanied by a general wave of concern around safety and quality in the food supply, which translates into an increasing demand for food transparency.

Our vision is to bring trust, reliability, and safety to all the actors of the food production chain, from producers to retailers and consumers. 

We work hard to equip everyone with a simple tool to help us make informed food choices and know exactly what we are eating, every time.