Visual Storytelling

A quality product must be able to tell its story to the consumer.

Innovation at the farmers’ disposal.

A journey that tells the story of the specific production lot, accompanying the consumer to discover all the phases that make up the transformation process. 

All the production phases of the food product will be covered, from the processing of the raw materials to the transformation phase, up to the packaging and labeling of the product.

Choose what to tell

Accurate, transparent and easily accessible information will be provided. Food products will be accompanied by a digital passport that can be easily consulted by consumers and will allow them to make an informed purchasing choice.

A Smartphone. A connection. Everything you need.

Corporate image

The visibility of the food chain in the eyes of the consumer will allow you to have a transparent corporate image and to make known the quality of your products.


The consumer will be able to view information about the path followed by the product, accompanied by images and videos, in order to achieve a winning communication strategy.

Ease of use

All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection, with which the consumer can scan the Qr-Code on the product label.