How to respond to the challenges of global food supply chains

Are you ready to tackle the complex world of global food supply chains?

Join us for this exclusive webinar, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain actionable insights, and take your supply chain management to the next level.


In today’s globalised world, supply chains have become more complex than ever. Join our event as we explore the intricate dynamics of global food supply chains: our expert speakers will guide you through the intricacies of this dynamic landscape, covering a wide range of topics.

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What to Expect

Challenges of Globalized Supply Chains:

Learn about the hurdles that businesses face when navigating global supply chains and how these challenges impact the food industry.

Risks, Costs, and Mitigation Strategies

Gain a deep understanding of the financial and reputational risks associated with food waste, recalls, and other supply chain challenges. Learn how to develop and implement robust mitigation strategies effectively.

Regulatory Requirements (New EU Supply Chain Directive):

Stay compliant with the latest regulatory requirements, including insights into the newly implemented EU Supply Chain Directive, and understand how they impact your operations.

Opportunities of Available Technology Solutions

Explore the potential of cutting-edge technology solutions like blockchain and IoT in enhancing supply chain transparency, efficiency, and traceability.

Who We Are

We help improve traceability and accountability in the food supply chain using blockchain technology and IOT sensors.

Our advanced technology platform is helping retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and farmers all around the world to enhance their food and beverage supply chains.

Meet Your Hosts

Ian Christopher

A farmer, a hospitality manager, a lover of all things culinary, Ian's career as a guru in operational efficiencies with all things farm-to-table would lead him to be a key driving force behind Galley's early successes. Side-by-side with brother-in-law Benji, Ian's passion for the people that he serves, whether it's a prospect, customer, or team members, is core to the culture and successful growth that Galley is experiencing.

Matt Ferguson

Coding & engineering is in Matt’s blood, evidenced by nearly 30 years of leadership leading teams for all types of software companies. A dangerous culinarian in his own rite, Matt brings a disciplined, collaborative approach to developing technology that makes users enjoy their experience from the moment they login. Matt’s key responsibility is to ensure Galley delivers on its founder’s vision of a recipe-first culinary operating system by creating, managing, and executing Galley’s technical roadmap.

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